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"The ideal hospital or long-term care centre would combine the best of spas with the best of hotels and the best of hospitals to become a truly healing environment, where just being there is healing."
— Angelica Thieriot, Planetree Founder

Maimonides leads the way in resident-centered care
Next step: A Planetree affiliation

Maimonides is working towards becoming the first Canadian long-term care facility affiliated with Planetree, a non-profit organization at the forefront of resident-centered care.

“Resident-centered care is about fostering a culture within Maimonides that prioritizes our residents comfort, dignity, empowerment and well-being, while providing top quality care,” says Executive Director Barbra Gold.

Planetree Continuing Care Specialist Heidi Gil has met with the Maimonides community to explain how the Planetree approach to care fits in with our five-year Strategic Plan with the ‘More than Care’ theme.

To receive the Planetree designation, Maimonides has to meet or exceed stringent criteria developed by Planetree to distinguish those health care facilities doing the most advanced work in resident or patient-centered care. The Planetree model of care emphasizes the relationships that sustain a healthy and meaningful life. It celebrates the uniqueness of each individual, and responds to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of residents and staff.

Maimonides is looking forward to the journey to become a Planetree affiliate and enhancing our residents’ experience.

Planetree Continuing Care 10 Components:

  • Recognizing the Primary Importance of Human Interactions
  • Enhancing Each Other’s Life Journey
  • Supporting Independence, dignity and Choice
  • Incorporating Family, Friends and Social Support Networks
  • Supporting Spirituality as a Source of inner Strength
  • Promoting Paths to Well-Being
  • Empowering Individuals through Information and Education
  • Recognizing the Nutritional and Nurturing Aspects of Food
  • Offering meaningful Arts, Activities and Entertainment
  • Providing an Environment conducive to Quality Living

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